August 2013 Update ! !>!>

Hey Everyone,


So We’ve played a few shows since July. The Elevens in Northampton, MA and Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, Ma. We will be playing over the next few months in Massachusetts, New York and hopefully beyond. Our next scheduled gig is November 25th at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. We are working on gigs before that that will be confirmed shortly. Look for some new youtube videos over the next few weeks. Also, Sean has been posting new electronic tracks every other week or so at . Still working on figuring out how to release the new recordings. Expect some kind of announcement by October. Also, the new lineup of the band at the moment is; Sean Goggins – guitar vocals, Aaron Knapp – bass, Julian Simons- Drums and occasionally Jack Simons on guitar.



- Lord Jeff

<<<< - - -- July 2013 Lord Jeff Update - - - - - - - - >>>

Hello Everyone


It is July 4th 2013. I am writing to update everyone on what the musical band Lord Jeff has been up to.

We played a few shows over the winter and spring, but most importantly we are nearly done with our new recordings. It sounds amazing. We are tentatively going to call it “Goin’ Grey”. So far it is 8 tracks, but we are hoping to add more before it gets released as an LP. (We may release it as an EP). It was recorded expertly by Justin Pizzoferrato and produced by Lord Jeff. We are currently looking for record labels interested in releasing it.

There is also another album in the works, roughly 15-20 songs. It is a collection of mainly electronic music and some instrumental Lord Jeff tracks. There are plans in the works as well to re-release our 2010 Ecstatic Peace Album “Lord Jeff” on vinyl.

Simon Thompson is no longer playing drums or bass in the Lord Jeff live band. He has left for now to focus on his own musical projects. Aaron Knapp continues to play in Lord Jeff, as well as The True Believers and The Funk Department. Sean Goggins has been writing more songs and working on producing hip hop tracks for such artists as Shroom Daddy.


The next Lord Jeff show is Aug 4th at the Elevens. The band is likely to be Sean, Aaron, Julian Simons and Jack Simons.

1/31 The Iron Horse – Northampton, MA w/ Z3

We are very excited to annouce we will be opening for Z3, featuring Tim Palmieri, Beau Sasser and Bill Carbone playing the music of Frank Zappa. This is happening Thursday 1/31 at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. We will be going on promptly at 10 pm. Please email  booking @ lordjeff . net (no spaces) to purchase your ticket from us!  $10

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